Monday, July 25, 2005


Have been net deprived for 48 hours. The horror!

Check this out:

Here's what GOP calls treason

  • Being a Democrat (Ann Coulter's book Treason) (1)
  • Being a union supporting teacher (Education Secretary Rod Paige) (2)
  • Disagreeing with Bush's methods (RNC ad, 11/2003) (3)
  • Free Speech as Treason (Greenpeace charged for putting a banner on a ship) (5)
  • The post 60's culture (Why John Walker Lindh joined Al Qaeda) (6)
  • Speaking out against war crimes (Kerry's treason according to Swifties) (4)
Then consider the stuff they've been up to. (And if you haven't seen the testimony of retired CIA agents Larry Johnson and James Marcinkowski at Friday's joint hearings, you'll want to check that out, too.)

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