Thursday, July 14, 2005

Qualified optimism

These are pre-Rovian numbers from the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. Leaving aside the issue of how anyone at any time could find the Preznit any of those things, I'm reminding myself that it's way too soon to gloat. (Because you never know what might happen next in the Global War on Terra™.) But I can't help but be encouraged.

Note that the slide in the number of people finding him "honest and straightforward" is 9 whopping percentage points in just six months.
Again, that's before the Rove story went mainstream. "Easygoing and likeable" dropped 7 points. So all those people who didn't like his policies but voted for him anyway because he's such a godly, straight-shootin', down-to-earth, just natural regular guy are about to have a thought or two different. That's going to hurt.

As Digby notes, he's no longer a beer buddy.

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