Thursday, July 14, 2005

"I am tired of being embarrassed and horrified by my president"

A friend puts into words what we're all feeling and takes the extra step of mailing it to Bush. Here (edited for layout and space):

When I was a girl I wrote a letter to the president of the US, then Dwight Eisenhower. I received a signed reply. I was proud of my country and my president. Now, in my 60's, I write again - this time an angry letter. I am tired of being angry, I am tired of being ashamed of my country. I am tired of being embarrassed and horrified by my president. But that is how I feel today.

The American people have stood by while the president has taken us into a hugely mistaken and misbegotten war. The American people have stood by while our reputation for our "values" and "standards of justice" were trashed at Abu Ghraib. . . . Now we learn of Karl Rove's horrible lies and the coverup underway to "parse" the words spoken when the intent is crystal clear.

Enough! We have had enough lies, enough pandering, enough killing in our name. STOP! The American people will THIS TIME not stand for the "business as usual" of avoiding the subject, prolonging the inquiry, lying when everyone is listening and knows the truth. STOP IT!

. . . If Clinton could be impeached for lying about a sexual affair, Bush beware. We treasure our nation's youth - so brave in futile battle. We treasure our nation's wealth - so spilled in futile imperialism. We treasure our nation's honor - so despoiled by leaders lying about their own despicable behavior while incessantly disparaging and slandering the character of others. Foolery... that is what half this nation voted to keep in office for another 4 disastrous years. Honesty is what the other half will demand. Rove goes. Then we'll see who is next to answer the questions that everyone is now asking about how, why, and exactly WHEN was this war begun.

We await your answers, and will not tolerate silence.

Barbara Carr
New Harbor, ME

Doesn't that just sum it up? You can send your own letter to

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