Sunday, July 17, 2005

Going nukular

Jeffrey Feldman has another framing angle on the Plame affair:

Instead of asking who was the real source in the White House that released the name of Valery Plame to the press, we should all be asking a much more important question: If the President knew Iraq did not have nuclear weapons and that Iraq could not launch a nuclear attack against the United States, why did he tell Americans that they were in danger of nuclear attack? Why did the President claim to be protecting American from a nuclear threat that did not exist? And why did President Bush campaign for re-election on the basis that if the Democrats were to be elected, the nation would once again be in danger of a nuclear attack?

When a President, who is in charge of protecting the nation, uses his power to spread fear in the population - so as to garner support for policies that the public might otherwise not support - how should Americans respond?

A President willing to use false claims to toy with the emotions of the American people - to scare the public and to convince young men and women to die in war - is a President who must answer for more than the emails of his advisers.

Worth reading in full. (You'll get angry all over again.)

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