Saturday, March 24, 2012

The "View from Nowhere"

Sarah Jaffe has a great piece up on NPR's new code favoring "truth" over "balance." It includes this quote from media critic Jay Rosen:
Something happened in our press over the last 40 years or so that never got acknowledged and to this day would be denied by a majority of newsroom professionals. Somewhere along the way, truthtelling was surpassed by other priorities the mainstream press felt a stronger duty to. These include such things as “maintaining objectivity,” “not imposing a judgment,” “refusing to take sides” and sticking to what I have called the View from Nowhere.
Please, please, please let this mark the turning back from the insanity of our national discourse... a/k/a the Age of Ignorance.

Monday, March 05, 2012

"Stupid doesn't begin to describe it"

A European loses patience with American whining about outsourced jobs:
China isn't taking your jobs, you are giving them away. There is no great conspiracy here, all that is happening is that the great God of Capitalism is working precisely as intended. You wanted it, you voted for it, quit moaning about it.
Someone sold you the Brooklyn Bridge when they convinced you that Capitalism works better, is more efficient, more profitable, more American when unfettered by regulation. Well yes, it is, for the Capitalists. For you ... nope, not so much because now you have no job and are left to live in the filth and pollution they left behind when they sent your job to India. 
And you sit on your great Oklahoman ass and blame the very people who were trying to protect you from that. Stupid doesn't begin to describe it. "Low Information" is not an excuse. You have no excuse for not knowing what your Representatives are doing. There can be no finger-pointing, no blaming, no apology. You got exactly what you deserve. You got what you voted for when you weren't paying attention.