Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Call for local action

From Equality Maine:

Here are 3 important things that supporters of the non-discrimination law can do to help us win in November:

  1. Help us find people who have been discriminated against. The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence is conducting a comprehensive, statewide study on the nature and extent of LGBT discrimination in Maine. The report will be released during the campaign, countering the fact that many voters believe that LGBT discrimination does not exist.
  2. Visit the updated Maine Won’t Discriminate website. The new website will serve as a key rallying point for people seeking facts about the law and its importance, and for anyone who wants to volunteer, contribute money, or just get the truth about the non-discrimination law. One of the features of the website will be an ongoing series of testimonials from Maine people who have experienced discrimination first-hand.
  3. Join us for a voter ID canvass in Portland on Saturday, July 9. A critical element to winning in November will be talking to voters one-on-one about the non-discrimination law. This is hard but incredibly rewarding work. It could mean the difference between winning and losing the campaign.
For more on Heath's special brand of bigotry and spin, head over to Maine Politics.

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