Thursday, October 20, 2005


Looks like Harriet Miers was suspended not only from the D.C. bar for late payment of dues, but also from the Texas bar. This from a candidate who may not have the judicial chops of a Scalia or a Bork but is fabulously detail-oriented and meticulous and likes to make sure everything is just perfect.

UPDATE from Aravosis, who notes that Bork thinks the Supreme Court is "left-leaning" despite the fact that 7 out of 9 justices were appointed by Republicans:

Here's a wacky thought. Maybe today's "conservatives" are so far out of the mainstream of American thought that even their own court appointees think they're nuts. That doesn't make those justices "liberal," it makes Bork, and the religious right horse he rode in on, fringe freaks.

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