Friday, October 07, 2005

Danforth slams American Taliban

Former GOP senator John Danforth of Missouri, also an ordained Episcopal minister, has lately been speaking out and writing forcefully against the ugly politics of the Christian Right (which we all know is neither). Last month, he had this to say at Harvard's Memorial Church:

"I've been away from (the Senate) for more than 10 years, and I see politics from a distance. And I'm appalled by what I see," said Danforth, who uses the nickname Jack.

"Right there in the midst of all the partisanship, in the midst of all the nastiness, right there with their wedge issues and litmus tests and extreme rhetoric, right there as the most divisive force in American life, are my fellow Christians."

He has unique credibility on this issue and may just make a difference:

In terms of eliciting response, he seems to be succeeding. He said "scores" of Republicans -- including top fundraisers, ambassadors, senators and Cabinet secretaries -- have privately encouraged him with such comments as, "It's about time somebody said this."

Here's a thought: maybe it's about time somebody in that group of "top
fundraisers, ambassadors, senators and Cabinet secretaries" found the moral fiber to speak up directly instead of making Danforth do all the work. It's got to be safer to come out of your foxholes now anyway, what with the poll numbers and all.

Hat tip to KTinOhio.

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