Monday, October 17, 2005

They have a lot to answer for

Krugman (still available for free at TruthOut) on the media:

...Now that Mr. Bush's approval ratings are in the 30's, we're hearing about his coldness and bad temper, about how aides are afraid to tell him bad news. Does anyone think that journalists have only just discovered these personal characteristics?

Let's be frank: the Bush administration has made brilliant use of journalistic careerism. Those who wrote puff pieces about Mr. Bush and those around him have been rewarded with career-boosting access. Those who raised questions about his character found themselves under personal attack from the administration's proxies. (Yes, I'm speaking in part from experience.) Only now, with Mr. Bush in desperate trouble, has the structure of rewards shifted.

And let's start with the New York Times.

UPDATE from PBJ Diddy:

Try saying this without smiling: (it actually cures the hiccups)

"I refuse to divulge the name of the person who was not the source who didn't give me the information I am not withholding."

If hiccups persist, after 85 days repeat the sentence adding "Just Kidding" at the end.

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