Friday, November 04, 2005

They don't like him any better over there

Can't be fun being Bush today.

Thousands gather in Mar del Plata, Agentina, to protest Bush's visit to their country for the Summit of the Americas (AP photo).

Meanwhile, a member of Argentina's parliament named Alicia Castro took it upon herself to write Bush a personal letter and put the protesters' feelings into words.

Here's a portion (translated from the Spanish by the European Tribune):

We do not want you to come to our country. Maybe for diplomatic reasons, our Chancery will not have made you aware how reviled you are by our people. It is not simply that we disagree with your policies, but that you represent a danger to the democracies of South America. We Argentinians have nothing against the American people, but much against the government that has put the largest political and military might in the planet at the service of bloody ambition, which does not doubt to annihilate lives to appropriate someone else's oil, to make money from arms trade and, moreover, to expand its most sinister industry: the one that reconstructs what you destroy. ...

Spare us your undesirable presence. We do not share anything that can be debated at the Summit of the Americas….

We South Americans are for the happiness, freedom and life of peoples, we are also for peace. You are on the side of war, of predation and of death.

Emphasis added by me, with glee.

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