Friday, November 11, 2005

Another good day to be a Democrat

It's not just seeing their eat-the-poor, feed-the-rich, drill-ANWR budget bill derailed. It's the latest NBC/WSJ poll numbers:

When it comes to (READ ITEM), which party do you think would do a better job--the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, or both about the same?

Protecting the environment: Dems lead by 39 points
Dealing with Social Security: Dems by 22
Dealing with health care: Dems by 26
Dealing with taxes: Dems by 10 (first Dem lead ever)
Dealing with gas prices: Dems by 28
Dealing with education: Dems by 19
Dealing with the economy: Dems by 14
Reducing the federal deficit: Dems by 19
Dealing with foreign policy: Dems by 9 (first Dem lead)
Dealing with energy policy: Dems by 16
Controlling government spending: Dems by 12 (first Dem lead)
Dealing with abortion: Dems by 8
Dealing with Iraq: Dems by 3 (first Dem lead)
Protecting America's interests on trade issues: Dems by 10 (first Dem lead)
Promoting ethics in government: Dems by 5
Dealing with the war on terrorism: Reps by 9 (smallest lead ever)
Dealing with immigration: Dems by 6
Ensuring a strong national defense: Reps by 21 (smallest lead)
Promoting strong moral values: Reps by 17 (smallest lead)

Paul Waldman has more detail and analysis over at The Gadflyer.

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