Thursday, November 10, 2005

On to 2006

Quick followup to yesterday's post: in-depth report of upsets in the tony Philadelphia suburbs, as Democrats rolled over Republicans in town after town.

Our job for today: Call our senators and ask them to support the bill that Barack Obama introduced on election day - the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2005:

After seeing what happened over the last two presidential elections, I have some other hopes for this Election Day. I hope all voters who go to the polls find voting machines that work, nonpartisan poll workers who understand the law and enforce it without bias, lines that move smoothly, and ballots that make sense and are easy to understand. I also hope voters go to the polls today with accurate information about what is on the ballot, where they are supposed to vote, and what our Nation’s voting laws are.

It might surprise some of you to know, but even in this awesome age of technological advancement and easy access to information, there are folks who will stop at nothing to try to deceive people and keep them away from the polls. These deceptive practices all too often target and exploit vulnerable populations, like minorities, the disabled, or the poor.

Read more of Senator Obama's comments here, and read see the GAO report on election irregularities here (warning: both PDF files).
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