Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Raise your own CAFE standards

There's a superb diary over at Kos today on how to improve your car's fuel efficiency - probably the most useful action an individual can take to help this nation cut emissions, save money, boost health, and weaken our sick and symbiotic ties to Saudi Arabia. Outside the voting booth, that is.

It's divided into three sections: (1) Change a few habits; (2) Maintain your stuff; and (3) Buy a few things. Very simple and well presented, with lots of research links. Some tips you will have heard before...

Don't Be an Aggressive Driver. Accelerate slowly - stomping on the gas will kill your fuel efficiency quickly and easily. Also - remember that every time you step on the gas and then brake, you are wasting gas. Several aggressive driving habits (such as accelerating and breaking to weave traffic lanes) are wasteful for this reason.

[Are you listening, M---?] ...and some may be new:

Refuel Early in the Morning or Late in the Evening. According to the EPA: When the weather is warm, try to refuel early in the morning or late in the evening. This will reduce the amount of evaporative emissions being pushed out of the tank during the heat of the day, when smog most easily forms. On Ozone Action Days, try not to refuel at all. And never top off your tank beyond the automatic shutoff point.

It's not self-righteous or crunchy granola in tone, either, just helpful. Also has contact info for activist geeks. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: More Bush lawbreaking - this time on energy standards. Elliot Spitzer and a few NGOs are suing the Department of Energy in attempt to bring them to heel.

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