Sunday, November 13, 2005

Four simple rules

Via MyDD, we have four simple rules to guide us during the rest of Bush's miserable term:
  1. When referring to Bush, always include the word "Republican" in close proximity to his name, as in "Bush and his Republican Culture of Corruption..."
  2. When referring to Congress, remember to remind readers that the Legislative Branch is Republican-controlled. For example: "Legislators in the Republican-controlled Congress today proposed legislation that would cut veteran benefits..."
  3. When writing about Bush or Republican leaders like Frist, always include the word "Republican" in association with them. For example, instead of "Majority Leader Bill Frist" use "Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist."
  4. When referring to the Republican Party, always start with the words "Republican Party" rather than "GOP." To the less politically aware, the lack of awareness that "GOP" is the Republican Party may be to the Republican's advantage.
As the author points out, we want to make sure the full measure of discredit accrues to the whole party, not just the man at the top. We want them out of power for a generation. And while "Republican" is already synomous in our minds with "corruption, scandal, and lies," we need to link the terms repeatedly in our speech and writing to see the same understanding settle on the general public.

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