Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Vote the bums out

Yes! A BuzzFlash editorial puts into words my hatred of Snowe, Collins, and Chafee. I am so tired of genuflecting at the altar of their “moderation” and “courageous votes.” They are sitting in our seats, people! They put DeLay and Frist into power. They campaigned for Bush. They voted for the bankruptcy bill. They confirmed Abu Gonzales. So they’re not frothing at the mouth like most of their colleagues... they’re still Republicans, and right now that’s bad, okay? Here’s BuzzFlash:

When you have a one-party national government, you aren't voting for an individual candidate anymore – even if they were independent – which these three aren't really. You are voting for Bill Frist, Mitch McConnell, and Rick Santorum – the top three Republicans in the senate leadership. And they all report to the White House. You are enabling a Biblical Supreme Court. You are helping wreak havoc on foreign affairs. … These are not moderates; they are just people who want to keep their jobs – even if it's within a morally bankrupt party that's bankrupting America and democracy.

They’re tainted and morally bankrupt. Get them out. Let’s get behind Tom Allen or Steven Rowe or anyone else with the courage to challenge Snowe in 2006. Let's give them our money, our time, whatever we can spare. Believe it can happen: we will take those seats back.


leolabeth said...

God knows I hate to even come close to disagreeing, but I find myself SO effing grateful to have Suzy and Olympia when I think how bad it could be. Rick Santorum? That Chocula dickhead?

I mean it looks like they both may vote against the nuclear option and Susy made some cogent intelligent comments about mercury in Maine yesterday. Mind you, she didn't scream bloody murder about Dubya having not even bothered to appoint an EPA head, yet, but as you implied, some of us are just glad not to have the clods so many others have.

BTW, yes, I will work to unseat them. I'm just taking good news where I can find it these days.

Alna Dem said...

Part of this is just me being provocative, but I really DO feel this way for the most part.

Someone over at Kos wrote a very thorough argument against my post (http://www.dailykos.com/comments/2005/4/26/163341/234/18#18) - and I actually agree with all of her argument on their records. But that's not enough for me any more - these aren't ordinary times.

This is part of what I wrote back: "I've voted for Snowe and I respect her as a person and I respect her long and pretty honorable career. She's done a lot for the people of Maine. But not this time around. Not this Congress, Not this president. If she really cared about her state and her country more than about keeping her job, she could have pulled a Zell Miller, voted apart from them again and again and finally switched parties. She could be speaking out right now in direct language about corruption, abuse of power, torture, lies, thievery.

Collins I see as more of a party hack, though she occasionally stands on her own.

But even if they were Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Theresa in the past, they would be tainted now. Remember all those good, ordinary Germans that did nothing and how we look at them today? Well, that's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins."

Thanks for your comments. And feel free to disagree any time!

leolabeth said...

Sounds like they're both going to leave the dark side on both the "crybaby option" and ANWR. Don't know that it deserves sainthood, but it's a start.

I keep channeling Margaret Chase Smith and her timely and bitter objection to Joe McCarthy. If these two women could go half that far, I'd be pleased.