Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I just knew the media had a role in all this somehow!

Robert Parry solves the mystery of the Democrats’ new spine: it’s the media, stupid. With media access, we start making headway. And how did we get media access? By making a complete end run around the wholly compromised or weak-and-ineffective existing outlets, that’s how.

Parry gives most of the credit to the new progressive AM talk shows now heard in 50 markets. But at least equal credit should go to the growing power of online, interactive media. MoveOn, Democrats for America, Common Cause, and other activist groups have marshaled information, money, and organizing tools in a manner never seen before. And the rise of powerhouse blogs like Daily Kos – a partisan news & discussion group that gets 400,000 hits per day – gives ordinary Democrats a place to connect, vent, and strategize. The result? We know exactly what our elected representatives are doing – and not doing – and we’re talking back. Parry’s observation:

In effect, a political market is emerging that rewards courageous Democrats and punishes wimpy ones. That is why references to Sen. Joe Lieberman bring derisive laughter on progressive talk radio shows because he is viewed as an archetype of the Democrat who seeks acceptance from the Brit Humes and Tim Russerts.

Isn’t that great? And by the way, the nuclear option is tanking in the polls, precisely because people are paying attention, and Frist is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
[UPDATE] And he just lost to Reid in a game of chicken.
[UPDATE II] And Juan Cole has written a crystal clear piece on the difference between Old Media and Blogistan.

Thank you for your attention.

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