Monday, April 18, 2005

The seven stages of framing

Check out The Seven Stages of FrameWorks Learning - I just found this site and it's replete with short, useful pieces and how-to's for all of us framing geeks out there.
  1. Denial, in which you can't believe that what you've done in the past doesn't work, even though you know better, and can only dimly see how you might do it differently.
  2. Wonder and Ah-Ha!, in which suddenly everything you see is Framing! Framing! Framing!
  3. Paralysis, in which you are afraid to frame because you know the bad frames are in you.
  4. Assimilation, in which you hunker down, read and think more, and try to learn how to get yourself unstuck.
  5. Awkwardness, in which your frame has the head of a cat and the tail of a dog, but you recognize it and keep trying.
  6. Integration, in which you successfully reframe a piece and it works, and you keep doing it, and it works better.
  7. Conversion, in which you realize that you had better share your knowledge with your colleagues and coalitions or their frames will undermine yours.
I think I've been in stage 3 for a while and am about to begin stage 4. I'll also be posting about the larger issue (to me, anyway) of how to change minds.

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