Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Republicans love war, hate soldiers

Here's a list of every senator who voted against the Murray amendment yesterday. Huh... all 54 of them are Republicans! Special thanks to Snowe and Collins for piling on, and extra credit to McCain, who should know better, and Warner, a former Secretary of the Navy.

Murray (D-Wash.) proposed adding $2 billion in funding to Bush's $80 billion Iraq expenditure request to treat the 10,000 + vets that have been wounded in this war, rehabbed and sent to the VA. The measure was defeated 54-44 along party lines.

Retired Lt Col Ralph Peters, a Fox/NY Post columnist, said in testimony that the planning/strategy going into Iraq was "criminally" incompetent or mishandled. Then he repeated the word "criminally," emphasizing: "I'm choosing my words very carefully." ... "To the point of treason," he added. And " I'm in one of my mellower moods." C/SPAN:Defense/Security video archive.

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