Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday morning platform debate

Here is where the rubber meets the road and we see Democratic process and dysfunction in all its glory. This being my first political convention, I'm not in a position to compare today's proceedings with other years, other leaders... I can just give today's impression, and it seems like a mess.

After the AM opening events, slogged through with a distinct lack of adrenaline and coffee, we got down to real business at 10:00. The platform started out with 68 planks, all but 7 of which were adopted or rejected by the platform committee by the requisite 2/3 majority. These constitute the "consent agenda," which is supposed to be voted on as one package by us delegates. Speaker Richardson started to push it through and had actually pounded the gavel passing the agenda when the objections started. Item 2. Item 2. 8 and 9. 10, 17, 22, 25, 36, 42, 53 & 56. Then someone stood up and objected to the ENTIRE platform and suggested reinstating the 2004 platform. Then it was pointed out that half the delegates had not received the list of platform amendments. We adjourned for 20 minutes while the pages ran around to find copies.

Now we're back debating the rejection of the entire platform. [I have to say Richardson seems to have less of a grip on Roberts rules of order than I expected. It is also interesting to watch him try to keep his temper under wraps.] People are shouting "point of order" all over the place, and some of the the microphones are out. Now we're counting delegates. There are 950 of us present and voting.

Back to the motion to scuttle. It fails, so we now go amendment by amendment. I'm going to post this and go offline a bit before I bore you all to death.

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philinmaine said...

That's funny (and close to my take on it) only i haven't been paying much attention. I'm at the HCDC booth, come on by, Phil