Saturday, June 10, 2006

Check in

Okay, put me to shame, Leolabeth (go read the comments below for her liveblogging). I'm having trouble getting posts up because the information is flying so fast - unlike, say, the Maine Democratic Convention - that I can't stop to post. And activities are going on every minute well into the night. Moreover, I plead slooowww network...

So this is just a checkin to let you know this conference is tremendous and we're all getting energized, informed, and activated. It's a blast meeting people who have just been screen names up till now - and a bit unnerving discovering how sharp and articulate some of these folk are. I'll have some of the conference content up later, probably on the way home. And I can't tell you how grateful I am to be here.

P.S. Phil, I got your autographs.

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Anonymous said...

YEAAAAAAAA 'Alna'. You wonderful person, thank you thank you. You can send it to our PO Box (or read it first if you haven't) Thanks tons! Phil