Saturday, June 03, 2006

Candidates for U.S. Senate

We're still processing the platform but took a break to hear from Jean Hay Bright and Eric Mehnert, vying for the nomination to run against Senator Snowejob, who votes with Bush 82% of the time. Hay Bright has a better organization at the moment (and a three-year head start), but Mehnert won the room. I'll give a full report on him this evening but here's the short version: this man could beat Snowe. Some people are comparing him to RFK; I'm thinking along the lines of Ned Lamont. We have to work to get him the nomination next week.

Great lines heard this morning:
  • I'm a Democrat because I give a damn. - Dean video
  • The middle of the road is where the chickens get run over. - extremely angry teacher from Aroostook County
  • Grassroots movements are not born in hard times. They are movements born of hope. - Eric Mehnert


leolabeth said...

This what the AP put out just now:

"Democrats plod away at platform adoption

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Democratic delegates at the party's state
convention are working their way through the painstaking process of
adopting a platform this afternoon.
Numerous amendments to the statement of party principles were
advanced prior to the floor debate that got under way this morning.
Discussions bogged down repeatedly by parliamentary inquiries and
The original draft platform with about three dozen planks called
for a national single-payer health insurance system and support for
the state's Dirigo universal health program. It also supports a
woman's right to reproductive choices and a resolution to the war
in Iraq.
Delegates today discussed a variety of amendments. One opposes
Social Security offsets, and others call for stronger consumer
protection and corporate regulatory laws and a revamped platform
Delegates also were expected to debate an amendment calling for
impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney."

Is the Maine AP reporter undercover for FOX?

leolabeth said...


I'm psyched about Mehnert. I e-mailed him a few months ago and he sounded pretty organized and interesting.

Alna Dem said...

'Fraid I ducked out of some of the platform slogging this afternoon to hold a highly productive meeting with the Hancock County dems (of philinmaine fame) picking their brains for the secrets of their success. They really are a great group.

Anonymous said...

To keep on with the Mehnert speech


Anonymous said...

More about Mehnert! (Please!) I'm dying to know. He looks great, but I haven't met him.

Dem from Yarmouth

Alna Dem said...

Will do more on Mehnert this afternoon - used up blogging budget this morning fussing with pictures on dKos!

Anonymous said...

"I'm a democrat b/c I give a damn" was a quote by a friend of mine, Freda Player of Tenn. whom I went to school with in DC. She is a fantastic organizer with great credentials, and a perfect reason why the 50-state strategy is working.

What a great convention! Aside from the psychadelic presentation by Chris miller, I thought it was time well spent in good company.

~ryan in Brunswick