Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kos fever

Joining the migration to Las Vegas. Will keep you posted!


leolabeth said...

Live blogging "Building Progressive Infrastructure" panel.

Dave Johnson, of and, said we need ways to train writers, pundits and campaign workers.

David Sirotta:
Co-chair, w/ Nathan Newman, of Progressive States Network.
We have to work with ideas.
Our political system does not connect with the realities of most Americans. It's deliberate.
American Leadership Exchange Council is influencing state legislatures with canned packages.
Progressive media infrastructure currently does not favor us.
Republicans create their own media.

We need more substantive reporting--absolutely critical piece.
We have great ideas, we need to have the tools at our disposal to actively sell them.

Jerome Armstrong:
How do we effect electoral politics?
2004, created Blogpac.
We expect the Democrats to spend the money we give wisely.
Rise of local blogosphere...provides a ground organization. "Bloggers were behind Jon Tester."

"Little did they know that this was the beginning of the end of the conservative movement."

Kerry ran afoul of the vast right wing conspiracy...not a conspiracy since it's out in the open.

Think tanks, language meisters, media machine. They can reach everyone in their base in a moment.
Soccer moms? Bill O'Reilly; blue collar workers? Rush Limbaugh; Wall St.? Wall Street Journal editorial board.

50 state strategy so important.

Ronald Reagan had a machine in place to promote his Family Values notions.

16 years to take the Presidency; 30 years to take Congress. We won't take as long.

Republicans have three brick and mortar programs to "ferret out media bias." Ours, Media Matters is digital. It takes us minutes to respond to the crap on Limbaugh.

Future of Progressive Think Tanks?
Dave Johnson--blogosphere; Air America; LinkTV our task is not as difficult a task.

Jerome: analysis of Busby's loss.
We have to approach this with a more inspiring message. Consultant reliance is a fundamentally flawed system.

David Sirotta:
NN to be focused on building policies and ideas that are actually comfortable with Progressive ideas.
Quoting Bill Bennet: Conservatives see the Republican party as a means to an end; Liberals see Democrats as the end.

Ideology must transcend "going after George Bush."

Where can we find funding to fight the disinformation machine?

Kos--Two organizations that give Republicans fits, and No one could have predicted. Must be built organically.

Dave Johnson--Brainshop has built itself up with some credibility. There is a problem connecting money and ideas, try

Chicken egg, are red states red because we've been ignoring them? Howard Dean is finding ways to get out there.

Question from Malacandra--
We're here because we see the pendulum swinging more as a tug of war. What are the fledgling financiers?

David Johnson--Center for American Progress;;

David Sirotta--think tanks that exist can be put on steroids, Public Citizen, Economic Policy Institute. We have a huge opportunity at the state level. It has been a huge vacuum., joining political scientists with


leolabeth said...

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