Friday, June 02, 2006

Live-blogging the Maine Democratic Convention

The real convention starts tomorrow, but I'm at the Augusta Civic Center in a training session on grassroots organizing. We're learning how to build a network of volunteers by hosting house meetings, each one of which trains hosts to lead more house meetings, in viral fashion. The leaders know what they are talking about and appear to have their shit together. They're cramming a lot of content into a short period. They have detailed schedules and work plans taking us from now till the election.

I am moderately surprised and really pleased.

More notes to come.

UPDATE: The platform committee is debating impeachment. See the Kennebec Journal and cast your vote on whether the Maine Democratic platform should include a call for impeachment. (At this writing, it's 53% to 47% in favor.)


leolabeth said...

Yay Alnadem.

I'm sitting here in Rockland w/ two stalwart Democrats enjoying your blog.

Thanks for the heads up on the impeach vote, too.

Do you have wireless there?

Alna Dem said...

FREE wireless. who'd a thunk it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

leolabeth said...

Wow. I'm impressed, grateful, too.