Saturday, June 04, 2005

Write a letter to the editor.
Did you know that the opinion page is the most-read section of the paper after the headlines? That's because it addresses a basic human need: belonging. People read letters from their neighbors out of curiosity but also to see if their views "fit in" with everyone else's. And that's why we have to be active letter writers - it's the most effective tool we've got. One thoughtful letter from a local can short-circuit a million dollars worth of wingnut propaganda.

So when something ticks you off - quick! - pick up a pen and dash off a letter to the editor. Follow these three simple guidelines and you're done:

You'll find local media contacts here.

If you have more than one letter in you per month, mix it up a little and send them to different papers. And don't worry about making them perfect. Just write.

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