Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bad news

From Equality Maine:

We watched with heavy hearts today as Michael Heath announced they had collected over 57,000 signatures to send the non- discrimination law to voters for a veto.

Although Maine law provides the opportunity for citizens to veto legislation passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, the League was incredibly dishonest by claiming they were collecting signatures to "ban gay marriage."

This law is about discrimination in jobs, housing, schools, and businesses and we will illustrate this fact over and over throughout the upcoming campaign.

We must now turn all of our attention to the upcoming 4-month intensive campaign to rid this state of discrimination against LGBT people. Go to Maine Won't Discriminate to find out what you can do to help preserve this very important law.
I suppose we can also hope that some of the signatures won't pass muster.... For more on the fine work of Heath's organization, check this piece at Maine Politics.

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leolabeth said...

I am ticked. A young woman named Michelle tooled down my driveway this weekend for my signature and said it was to "prevent the gay lifestyle from being taught in schools." Partly because my father is gay, and partly because I pay some attention to politics and knew the state of this campaign, I refused. We had a lengthy discussion in my dooryard where she tried to convince me that depriving gays access to the courts was somehow a good thing.

I'm pretty sure my neighbors, who aren't terribly political, were convinced by her scare tactics that they were doing a good thing.

Isn't there somthing illegal about collecting signatures under totally false pretenses? Grrrrr.