Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Maine horror writer scares conservative watchdogs

Found this over at Alternet's blogwatch:

The hysterics at the Media Research Council put out a CyberAlert™ (boo!) upon watching King's address to the graduates of his alma mater, the University of Maine at Orono. Here's what spooked 'em (video and transcript here): "King urged the graduates to 'give away a dime of every dollar you make,' arguing, to applause," recounts the MRC's Brent Baker, "that 'if everybody did it, maybe we could make Mr. Bush let go of the weapons he loves so well and give back some of the money that he spends on them to the farmers, the unwed mothers and the working poor.'" As yet, no calls for the revocation of his citizenship. . . .

I love Stephen King. He's been unbelievably generous and loyal to the citizens of Maine, and now this.

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