Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Media wakeup, day 5

Today's emails go to:

  • USA Today. Managing Editor of News, Carol Stevens. email: editor@USAToday.com phone: 800-872-0001 or 703-854-2165
  • Toledo Blade. Ombudsman, Jack Lessenberry. email: omblade@aol.com phone: 419-724-6200

  • Washington Post. Ombudsman, Michael Getler. email: ombudsman@washpost.com phone: 202-334-7582 fax: 202-334-5269

Backstory here. Thank you.
Update: Senator Kennedy has just posted an excellent statement on the Downing Street Minutes.
Update II: Editor & Publisher thinks we may be seeing a turning point on Iraq:

Suddenly there seems to be something in the air - the smell of death? Or something in the water - blood? In any case, this past week, widely scattered newspaper editorialists roused themselves from seeming acceptance of the continuing slaughter in Iraq to voice, for the first time in many cases, outright condemnation of the war.

Read the rest here.

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