Friday, June 17, 2005

Media responsibility

(Apologies - this will be brief as I'm short on time.) The media spin on yesterday's hearing appears to be:
  • The Downing Street Memo contains nothing new. Everyone already knows that Bush lied. We don't have to report on it.
  • The Downing Street Memo is of interest only to antiwar activists and ultra-lefties who want us out of Iraq.
  • The Democrats are so marginalized that yesterday they "played house" in order to feel important.
  • Move along, no story here.
Read this disgraceful editorial in today's Washington Post to see what I'm talking about. Then read John Conyers' response to it. (For extra credit, check out this piece by former diplomat and US Army Colonel Mary Ann Wright on the importance of the memo and the irresponsibility of the media.)

Our job is to write the Post and maybe local papers too, using the talking points outlined in Conyers' letter. Even a one-line email to Michael Getler, will be hugely helpful.

Thank you, thank you. More tomorrow.

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