Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wake up call

Today marks the start of a focused campaign to increase media coverage of the Downing Street Memo - actually minutes, not a memo, from a 2002 meeting in Tony Blair's office providing incontrovertible proof of Bush's duplicity on the Iraq war. And now we have new leaks from Britain about provocative pre-war spikes in US air strikes against Iraq. While the past month has seen a trickle of US coverage, most major outlets ducked the story, calling it "old news." Uh huh.

The organizers of the website above recognize that our loosely organized, scattershot campaign for coverage needs more focus. So beginning today, each weekday they will list three media targets for attention. Our job is to contact them and request coverage. Today's targets:

  • CBS Evening News. email: phone: 1-212-975-3247
  • Associated Press, att. John Affleck. email: phone: 1-212-621-1500
  • C-Span Washington Journal. email:
Read here for background info and instructions on writing your request (hint: short, polite, and in your own words is best).

One more quick and related action: Sign Rep. John Conyers' letter to President Bush in which he and 88 other representatives demand answers to the concerns raised by the Downing Street Memo.

Let's keep things moving!

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