Saturday, May 21, 2005

Paging Susan Collins!

You know the drill. The filibuster showdown is scheduled for Tuesday and Collins has (as usual) not weighed in yet. Maine residents, please call and ask her to stand against extremism, uphold Senate rules, and oppose the nuclear option.
Augusta office........622-8414
D.C. office.....(202) 224-2523
Thank you.
UPDATE: As of Sunday (5/21) 2pm, the Washington message box was full. Good! So try the Augusta office first, or try DC again on Monday morning.

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leolabeth said...

Every time I've called or e-mailed Collins and Snowe on this issue, I remind them of the legacy they are obliged to uphold, that of Margaret Chase Smith and her opposition to Joe McCarthy.

She called him out as the hypocritical buffoon he was and the country thanked her. Our two senators are walking in some big ass shoes. I hope they realize it.