Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More thoughts on the deal

Reid puts it in the best frame:

"Abuse of power will not be tolerated, will not be tolerated by Democrats or Republicans," the minority leader stated. "And your attempt, I say to the vice president and to the president, to trample the Constitution and grab absolute control is over."

Howard Dean thinks it's less of a win for us than a loss for Bush:

"The potential is that we loosened the death grip the right wing had on the Republican Party," Dean said. "It was clearly a loss for the president because he was getting accustomed to ramming things through the House and the Senate without any confrontation."

Writers in this diary think the Gang of 14 executed a coup, with McCain in charge - and that from now till the 2006 elections, Bush will have to consult with them to get anything done.

Kos worries that with their newfound power, the Gang will turn around and negotiate themselves a deal on Social Security. Why is that bad? Because our current position (no privatization, no crisis, minor adjustments needed, much bigger problems elsewhere, like Medicare) is a winning one. Don't throw Bush a partial-victory life preserver; throw the son of a bitch an anvil! Bet you Lieberman will lead the sellout on this one.

We're all certain that Dobson will send his horde like the wrath of Mordor to punish the RINO 7. Mainers, get set for some more of those great Press Herald inserts!

And looks like Frist will try to ignore the whole deal.

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