Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Please consider scrolling through some of the names and photos of the 1,836 coalition soldiers who have lost their lives so far in Iraq. There are also at least 12,360 U.S. wounded and an uncounted number of dead and wounded civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whatever our views on this latest war and how it is being waged, the vast majority of soldiers are trying to serve their countries with honor. It is not their decision how a military gets used; that responsibility rests with the politicians in power and, ultimately, with the people who put them there. If we hate the war they are fighting, if we are enraged at the lies behind it, if we despise the people using them as pawns, we simply must work harder for change.

We are in debt to the men and women who fought and died in all of our wars, whatever we think of the cause. They died for their country, and for us.

Best wishes to you and yours this Memorial Day.

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