Thursday, May 19, 2005

Maine bloggers

Hard as it is to tear our eyes away from the train wreck of national politics (where there's AN EMERGENCY EVERY DAY!!!), it's important to try. Local and state races are around the corner in 2006 and that's where all the action will be. So I'm making the effort.

There are some great sources for info already in place. A fun place to start is with fellow members of the pajamadeen:
  • Cheers & Jeers by BillinPortlandMaine (hosted at DKos) is a hilarious M-F compendium of political outrage and snark. Much is national but he covers us, too.
  • Cynical Groovitude examines politics, technology, and hockey.
  • Maine Democrats (not affiliated with the Democratic Party) provides a "wicked handy" archive of Maine politics and legislation. Helpful and current.
  • Maine Politics covers Maine politics from the Piscataqua to the St. John. Great in-depth analysis of Maine news.
  • Progressive Reason is a place for public activist Mainers to discuss political issues and also serves as a portal to many progressive Maine organizations.
  • Pudentilla's Perspective brings us the thoughts of a citizen in a small town in central Maine about American politics and culture. (Her Unitarian Jihad name is Sister Hand Grenade of the Courteous Debate.)
  • Wampum covers progressive politics, Indian issues, and autism advocacy. It has a significant national following and also hosts the online Koufax Awards for the best of left blogtopia.
I'll update the links over there on the right soon. Check these folks out.

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