Monday, January 30, 2006

While they were otherwise engaged

Okay, we lost a fight we knew we were going to lose anyway. At least we fought. And while our Democratic leadership (with a few notable exceptions) were busy selling us out, here, in a list compiled by MyDD, is what the netroots got done in the last two weeks:
  • The Filibuster. The Senate was flooded with calls during the filibuster, despite a complete lack of leadership from NARAL, PFAW, and the groups.
  • Glenn Greenwald and the Dewine Amendment. Glenn Greenwald uncovered the fiasco of the Dewine amendment, which got major media coverage and substantially advanced the story on wiretapping. He is now blogging questions for the Judiciary Committee, here and here.
  • Jane Hamsher and the Washington Post. Jane Hamsher led a campaign to force the Washington Post to correct itself on the Abramoff scandal, showcasing the lack of accountability of
  • The MyDD poll. Chris Bowers led the first open source polling operation ever, funded and designed by you. This data revealed that there is no national consensus behind the Iraq war, the failure of the Homeland Security's persuasive authority, as well as partisan attitudes behind security concerns. (And there's more to come.)
  • SOTU parody. James Adomian released a hilarious SOTU parody, which has been seen 160,000 times so far (44,000 times on our internal host, before we moved it too youtube).
  • TV Blowhards. We've waged hard-hitting campaigns against Chris Matthews and Tim Russert, tarnishing their credentials as legitimate journalists and challenging the media establishment to examine the unaccountable pundits who grow fat off of spewing dishonest nonsense on TV. Russert has engaged in a smear campaign against Arianna Huffington after she revealed conflicts of interest on Meet the Press, and Matthews retracted his statements and spent a few days pretending he and Michael Moore were journalistic buddies.
  • And now we're exploring action against Lieberman.
That doesn't make the Alito problem go away, but it does afford us some satisfaction. And if you haven't already done so, pre-order a copy of Crashing the Gates.

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