Monday, September 26, 2005

A Swede strikes back

Sick of being dissed by "those jackasses at the Wall Street Journal editorial page," Joshua Holland explains that he is the very model of a modern Swedish centrist. He debunks, yet again, the "Europe is dying" canard in some detail. And, oh, by the way:

[Y]ou seemingly perfect Americans have your income distributed like Latin American banana republics in the 50s. We have a third of your poverty. One out of every six Americans lives on half the median income or less, but just one out of sixteen Swedes do! You go, Olaf!

Moral issues? Well, frankly, we don't mind boys kissing all that much. But we think children living in poverty is pretty immoral in a developed country. So we choose not to accept it--it's a moral choice. Our child poverty rate, at 2.6% is one ninth of your 22.4% Ouch to you guys!

What's more, a quarter of you have crappy, low-paying McJobs that suck the life and soul out of you in exchange for a few shiny bits of silver. Only one in twenty Swedes have low-paying gigs. You're wage-slave humps--I'm sorry to be so blunt, it's quite un-Swedish of me--but it's the truth.

That's just a sampling; there's lots more. Go read.

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