Saturday, September 03, 2005

On the job

Just so you know, an angry God sent the hurricane to warsh away the sins of New Orleans, and what the trapped citizens of that city need right now is bibles. They certainly don't need any food or clothing from the Red Cross. In fact, what they and the nation need now - and I mean right now! - is a repeal of the estate tax. A generous nation will give that to them even though they don't deserve it.

Stupid poor people! Didn't they know that everything they had was worthless anyway so there was no point in staying? Those people in New Orleans are unusally bad, not like the people in other hurricanes, because they loot and are not self-sufficient like white people.

Thank heavens Mr. Bush is back on the job inspiring people, which is worth a lot more to the citizens of New Orleans right now than any stupid ol' helicopters, relief flights, or lunch.


Anonymous said...

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