Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OMG the comments (Wonkette edition)

I have friends that, for whatever reason ( "It's too mean!" "It's too evil!") still don't read Wonkette. But oh my god the comments. The names alone - dogless liberal, speakerblowupdoll (with tiny Newt icon!), ronaldpagan, MoodProcessor, NoWireHangers, neitscheprojectile, The Incomparable Tiny Valdez - bring sunshine to my day. Not to mention the wit and the pithy, pithy, insidery insight.

Here are a few selections regarding McCain's latest whine memo on Obama's popularity with the elite:
  • SayItWith Wookies: John McCain eats fried squirrel and olive stones. And frequently gums them.
  • AxmxZ: So Hopey is hot, sexy, beloved by the world, eats well, keeps in rockin’ shape, - and is therefore unelectable?
  • Larry McAwful: Ben, moi aussi, j’aime bien la forêt noire. Je me suis promèné là-bas souvent quand j’habitais Strasbourg… Alors! Est-ce que je suis élitiste moi-même? Passe-moi l’arugula!
  • sezme: I’m elitist for worrying about the price of Arugula? WHY? It’s fucking expensive! Here I am scrounging for Japanese Knotweed, purlane and dandelions in the back alley because they’re free (and bitter!) but unless I eat iceberg lettuce from Yuma picked by some migrant worker for $50/hr (John McCain wages) I’m elitist.
  • capt. tim: I looked up arugala. I totally eat that all the time, just never knew what it was called.
  • El Bombastico: Motherfucker, your candidate is wearing $520 Salvatore Ferragamo loafers! WITH BUCKLES!
Read Wonkette. You know you want to.

UPDATE 7-31-08. Special bonus comment from today's story on Lanny Davis:
  • Obfuscator: I can’t listen to Lanny Davis interviews unless he’s constantly being drowned out by the sound of metal folding chairs.


snoozetska said...

The comments are so good on Wonkette I have acute comment envy.

Alna Dem said...

I bet they're all written by comment professionals. You know, the kind of people who practically live in front of their monitors reading political blogs... um, ... yeah well. What you said.