Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Out of the bubble

The president and first lady do not appear to be enjoying themselves at Coretta Scott King's funeral, in what has to be their first unscripted appearance in years before a large, non-handpicked, non-prescreened American audience. For Mr. Bush it was a no-win decision: skip and get eviscerated later, or attend and face 10,000 real American voters - many of whom are deeply invested in issues of social justice like poverty, voting rights, and racism - and whaddya know, they're pissed.

The speaker is the Rev. Joseph Lowery, and you simply must watch the video. Yes, he speaks of war, lies, and broken promises and gets a standing ovation and surely causes some presidential squirming. But watch it to hear the heartfelt words of a true civil rights hero speaking so personally and with such joy of his friends Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King. Please don't miss it.

The righties are already snorting and steaming about how black people don't know how to behave at their own funerals. Just for once, let's ignore them.

P.S. Evidently there were other delicious moments.

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