Thursday, February 08, 2018

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Ballotpedia - election information. - get personalized voting information.
Register to Vote plus resources about voting.
RealClearPolitics - stay updated with the latest polls from the most comprehensive poll data aggregator on the web.
Daily Kos Elections - providing detailed and comprehensive daily election updates with a daily Live Digest blog.
Running for Office
If you want to run for office, start with this comprehensive resource guide from Slate. The only major resource this guide leaves out is Run for Something, which supports millennials running for down-ballot office.
Job Boards
JobsThatAreLeft and WellStone Jobs - two Google groups with great job postings.
Democratic Gain - join the largest network of progressive political professionals and associations.
Democratic Party Organizations
Democratic National Committee - the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party.
Democratic Party Info for All 50 States - get involved by donating, volunteering/interning, or running for office!
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee- the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House.
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the Senate.
Democratic Governors Association - supporting the elections of Democratic gubernatorial candidates.
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee - supporting the elections of to Democratic state legislative candidates.
National Democratic Redistricting Committee - working closely with the Democratic party on comprehensive redistricting reform; endorsed by President Obama.
Grassroots Organizations
Indivisible - get involved with the nation's largest progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda.
Swing Left - find your closest Swing District and sign up to support a progressive win there in 2018.
Flippable - building a data-driven, people-powered movement to flip states blue and restore our democracy.
Emily's List and She Should Run - two great organizations dedicated to recruiting and supporting female candidates up and down the ballot across the country.
Sister District Project - pairing volunteers from blue districts with red district projects to maximize impact for volunteers across the nation.
It Starts Today - for only 4.88 dollars a month, you can help fund every single Democratic House of Representative candidate's campaign.
Spread the Vote and VoteRiders - two organizations dedicated to fighting voter suppression laws and providing voters with the necessary voter ID.
Tech for Campaigns - connecting world-class tech talent with progressive & centrist candidates for local, state, and national office.
Contacting your Representatives - receive alerts before bills pass in Congress, send your opinion directly to your rep, and track your rep’s votes and bill outcomes.
Call to Action - enter your address to find your Congressional Representative and call them.
Resistbot - text “RESIST” to 50409 and I’ll find out who represents you in Congress and deliver your message to them in under 2 minutes.
5 Calls - make five calls a day to resist Trump.
Town Hall Project - directory of town halls with members of congress.
Other Issues - tell the FCC to protect net neutrality. Use Battle for the Net to contact your representatives.
American Civil Liberties Union - take action and defend our rights against the Trump administration!
Healthcare Now - find a local single-payer advocacy group and get involved!
Sierra Club - take action against the Trump administration to protect our environment!

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