Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atom, boson, Beck.

from the brilliant files of Haik U Glenn Beck:
Justice is social
It's never solitary
One hand can't clap, Beck

Fat alligator
Lazing on the river bank
Digesting Glenn Beck

glenn beck's life is hard
surfing the ignorant beach
on brown, fearful waves

Blotchy anger clown
I guess you never got to
clap the erasers

Bet you would cry, too
Hearing your brain cells swan dive
Out your ear canals

Using a blackboard
won't stop people from knowing
you're an idiot.

Truth's porcine pie hole
Spout! font of carny spittle
We have umbrellas

Glenn, the jerk store called
They are running out of you
I slept with your wife

flea, mite, smear, crumb, fleck
mote, spittle, molecule, speck
atom, boson, Beck.

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